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What is Vaxart Inc?

Vaxart Inc is a clinical-stage biotechnology company established in 2004 and headquartered in south San Francisco, California. Vaxart Bioscience Inc was initially incorporated in California as West Coast Biologicals Inc. However, the name was changed to Vaxart Inc in July 2007 when it was reincorporated in Delaware. The company is developing oral recombinant protein vaccines so that there is no need for needle injection. The oral vaccines are developed with the objective of strengthening the immune responses and offer protection against a variety of infectious diseases. Vaxart product line is composed of tablet vaccines that protect against infectious diseases such as Influenza, Norovirus and Respiratory Syncytial Virus. The company is also one of the biotechnology companies around the globe that took on the challenge to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 in an effort to stop the pandemic.

During February 2018, the company finished a business combination with Aviragen Therapeutics Inc, which is a publicly traded company. Based on the merger agreement and reorganisation strategies, Vaxart became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aviragen and was renamed Vaxart Biosciences Inc while Aviragen was named Vaxart Inc. The common stock of the company has the symbol “ VXRT” and it is traded on NASDAQ.


Past performance of Vaxart stock price

The price chart shows that for a couple of years Vaxart shares have recorded a declining trend followed by a period with sideways movement. But because of the specificity of the biotechnology industry, in a period of a pandemic when the value of most publicly traded companies depreciates, the Vaxart stock price has recorded a significant increase. The value has soared from as low as $2.67 (£2) up to around $17 (£13) which represents hundreds of per cent increase in value in approximately 30 days. Such a drastic price jump is related to company efforts to find a vaccine for Covid-19.

After the extreme increase in value, the Vaxart stock price experienced a decline forming a downward trend.


How to invest in Vaxart stock

One of the best-known methods to invest in Vaxart stock is to purchase company shares directly on the NASDAQ stock exchange where it is quoted.

A better alternative for traders may be to invest in Vaxart stock via the tokenised assets offered by Using blockchain, the platform tokenises real-life assets and excludes the need for third parties to be involved in the transactions. Tokenised assets replicate the price changes of the real-life asset but there is no need to actually own the reference asset.

Trading tokenised assets has a couple of significant benefits which makes this type of instrument unique and easier compared to some others. Aside from eliminating the need to own Vaxart shares, offers the possibility to purchase tokenised shares with crypto such as Bitcoin or Ether without the need to convert crypto into fiat money.

Another benefit is the possibility to trade tokenised Vaxart shares with a margin offered by Traders will need only a fraction of their own capital to open a larger position due to the leverage.


Tokenised Vaxart stock trading guide

Trading tokenised Vaxart stock is no more difficult than regular shares. To begin trading tokenised assets, you will need to follow some simple steps.

  • Step 1: register for an account with
  • Step 2: deposit funds (with crypto or fiat) in the account.
  • Step 3: determine the position size desired, accounting for leverage offered by
  • Step 4: determine your trading position (long or short) based on expected share price movement and purchase tokenised VXRT shares derivatives.
  • Step 5: matches the long orders from its clients with the sell orders and then hedges the unmatched orders through, LMAX Digital or exchanges such as Binance, Bitstamp, Kraken, NASDAQ, NYSE and Gain Capital.
  • Step 6: close your position when applicable. You can set a take profit or stop loss indicator to ensure you are not required to constantly monitor the price. Funds will deposit back to your account after closing and you can withdraw or take a new position.


Why trade tokenised Vaxart shares with

Vaxart stock trading at tokenised assets exchange has a number of advantages. Tokenised assets are underpinned by robust and immutable blockchain technology. Opening a trade will give you a token that tracks and moves according to the underlying instrument’s price.

  • One-stop crypto trading platform

Trade tokenised Vaxart shares with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Benefit from the stock’s price movements without turning your crypto assets into fiat.

  • Tight spreads

Trade tokenised VXRT stocks with a tight market spread, benefit from maker rebates and competitive taker fees.

  • Leverage

Experienced traders can trade the world’s top markets,such as Vaxart, with up to 1:100 leverage.

  • Effective risk management

Manage your risks and secure your profits with stop loss and take profit orders. Save your assets with negative balance protection.

  • Instant order execution

We have a scalable and low latency order management system, which can execute 50 million trades per second. 

  • Safe regulation operates under new Belarusian regulation with best-in-class AML and KYC laws. Regulatory details and fees are upfront.

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VXRT price history

Date Close Change Chg% Open Min. Max.
2022-09-30 0.54 -0.19 -26.03 0.73 0.54 0.74
2022-09-30 0.72 -0.01 -1.37 0.73 0.7 0.74
2022-09-30 0.73 -0.03 -3.95 0.76 0.72 0.76
2022-09-30 0.74 -0.02 -2.63 0.76 0.73 0.76
2022-09-30 0.77 0.03 4.05 0.74 0.73 0.77
2022-09-30 0.74 -0.03 -3.90 0.77 0.71 0.77
2022-09-30 0.77 0.03 4.05 0.74 0.74 0.78
2022-09-30 0.75 -0.02 -2.60 0.77 0.73 0.78
2022-09-30 0.83 -0.06 -6.74 0.89 0.82 0.89
2022-09-30 0.86 -0.09 -9.47 0.95 0.85 0.95
2022-09-30 0.96 0.09 10.34 0.87 0.83 0.96
2022-09-30 0.83 -0.02 -2.35 0.85 0.81 0.87
2022-09-30 0.86 -0.07 -7.53 0.93 0.84 0.93
2022-09-30 0.92 -0.07 -7.07 0.99 0.92 0.99
2022-09-30 0.99 0.03 3.13 0.96 0.91 1.02
2022-09-30 0.91 0.06 7.06 0.85 0.83 0.92
2022-09-30 0.84 -0.02 -2.33 0.86 0.76 0.86
2022-09-30 0.79 0.11 16.18 0.68 0.68 0.82
2022-09-30 0.68 -0.01 -1.45 0.69 0.66 0.71
2022-09-30 0.7 -0.01 -1.41 0.71 0.67 0.71