Trade ANT to US Dollar - ANT/USD chart


Aragon (ANT) to USD is a major trading pair. Not only is Aragon an important emerging cryptocurrency, the US dollar is the most traded fiat currency in the world.

The ANT/USD price can move up or down in a trend direction, but it can also move sideways if there is a lack of trading volume. The ANT/USD exchange rate experiences occasional price swings along with breakouts or breakdowns.

The ANT to USD pair may fluctuate by around 4% within a 24-hour period. Over a 30-day period, traders can expect volatility of around 9% for the ANT to dollar trading pair.

Aragon overview

Founded in 2016 by internet entrepreneurs Luis Cuende and Jorge Izquierdo, Aragon is a decentralised platform built on the Ethereum network. It uses blockchain technology to maintain and create decentralised autonomous organizatons (DAOs). A DAO enables users form groups that are governed by a specific set of computer codes, as opposed to a single leader.

The Aragon network software provides three main offerings to users: Aragon network, Aragon client and Aragon association.

Ownership of Aragon’s native token, ANT permits individuals to vote on key decisions around the future of the project. Users can also trade ANT for ANJ and ARA, two other coins that exist in the Aragon ecosystem.

In May 2017, 70% of ANT tokens were sold via an initial coin offering (ICO). The project raised around $25 million. The remaining supply was divided between the Aragon Association and its founders.

Facts about Aragon

- There are 39.61 million ANT coins currently in circulation
- Aragon is currently valued at $195.45 million
- ANT tokens have been built based on the ERC-20 standard on Ethereum

The ANT coin has experienced extensive volatility against the USD since its launch. In January 2018 it hit highs of $7.70. After dropping throughout 2019 to lows of $0.39 in January 2020 ANT price hit record highs of $13.1 in April 2021. It has since fallen, hovering at $4.93 as of early November 2021.

Which factors affect Aragon value?

The factors affecting Aragon value can be divided into two groups- Aragon-specific factors and factors affecting the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

Aragon-specific factors:

- Future developments, upgrades and technological improvements.
- Competition from other Decentralized platforms including Amber, Bancor and Anchorage.
- Aragon-related sentiment

General factors related to the crypto world:

- Changes in regulatory laws regarding the legality and usage of cryptocurrencies
- Market related sentiment.


USD overview

In the ANT to dollar pair, ANT is the base currency, and the USD is the counter currency. This means the chart shows how much ANT is worth as measured against the USD.

The US dollar is the world’s most influential currency. It makes up 59% of all central bank foreign reserves. The greenback also dominates the forex market. It is involved in 85% of all forex transactions.

The strength of the US dollar has been directly affected by the monetary policy adopted by the US Federal Reserve after the 2007 financial crash. Fears around inflation have caused concern among investors regarding future devaluation of the dollar. The hit to the US economy as a result of the pandemic has also weakened the greenback.

If you are interested in ANT/USD pair trading, you should keep a close watch of crypto market news as well as updates from the Fed regarding monetary policy changes.

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ANT/USD price history

Date Close Change Chg% Open Min. Max.
2022-09-30 8.8602 0.0710 0.81 8.7892 8.7502 8.8602
2022-09-30 8.7882 -0.0794 -0.90 8.8676 8.6793 8.9122
2022-09-30 8.8676 0.0734 0.83 8.7942 8.6793 8.8745
2022-09-30 8.7911 -0.1022 -1.15 8.8933 8.7269 8.9967
2022-09-30 8.9301 0.1212 1.38 8.8089 8.6946 8.962
2022-09-30 8.8089 -0.0143 -0.16 8.8232 8.4563 8.938
2022-09-30 8.8232 -0.3803 -4.13 9.2035 8.7271 9.2938
2022-09-30 9.2035 0.2661 2.98 8.9374 8.8717 9.2771
2022-09-30 8.9372 0.1618 1.84 8.7754 8.7748 8.9372
2022-09-30 8.7753 0.0863 0.99 8.689 8.5678 9.0329
2022-09-30 8.689 -0.2441 -2.73 8.9331 8.6675 8.9537
2022-09-30 8.9331 0.2062 2.36 8.7269 8.6793 9.1772
2022-09-30 8.7269 -0.4430 -4.83 9.1699 8.6317 9.1766
2022-09-30 9.1697 -0.1702 -1.82 9.3399 9.1234 9.3455
2022-09-30 9.3399 0.0590 0.64 9.2809 9.2189 9.3399
2022-09-30 9.2822 0.0421 0.46 9.2401 9.2188 9.3057
2022-09-30 9.2397 -0.2908 -3.05 9.5305 9.1685 9.5563
2022-09-30 9.5305 -0.2182 -2.24 9.7487 9.5273 9.7681
2022-09-30 9.7441 0.2022 2.12 9.5419 9.5273 9.7517
2022-09-30 9.5417 0.0427 0.45 9.499 9.3718 9.5827