BabyDoge coin price prediction: What is BabyDoge?

Can BabyDoge strike out and make a name for itself?

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BabyDoge is the latest star of the memecoin market, with devotees hoping it can take them on a trip to the moon.

So what is the Baby Doge coin (BabyDoge)? How does BabyDoge work, what is it used for, and what are the latest Baby Doge coin price predictions?

Let’s have a look…

The story of BabyDoge

In the beginning, there was Dogecoin (DOGE). DOGE is the coin that was created as a parody of cryptocurrency, but ended up gathering investors and attention and is now seen as one of the more important cryptos.

When something is successful, there is a good chance that other people will come along and try to do what it does. Dogecoin is no exception, with this particular memecoin inspiring a host of so-called dogcoins which aim to garner similar success and the same sort of devoted following as DOGE. As the coin’s name suggests, BabyDoge (BabyDoge) is one such cryptocurrency.

Baby Doge operates on the Binance Smart Chain because, as its white paper says, it is a sovereign blockchain which offers security. Not only that, the developers say, but it is able to interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), meaning it can support applications based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every time a transaction is made with BabyDoge, 5% of that gets distributed among BabyDoge holders, while a further 5% is added to the system’s liquidity pool, where they are, ultimately, burned, creating a deflationary crypto token.

BabyDoge also has some real-world usage. The token can be used to make payments with the online payment company to let users spend their BabyDoge online. There is also a reserved 2.2% charity wallet, which is used to make donations to good causes. Baby Doge also has its own payment card, and its own wallet tracker, called Paw Wallet. 

One possible red flag to note about Baby Doge is that its founders are anonymous. This is not uncommon in crypto, however – after all, Bitcoin itself had an anonymous founder.

We should also mention that BabyDoge is not the same thing as BABYDOGE, which is BabyDoge ETH, a dogcoin based on the Ethereum blockchain.

BabyDoge price history 

BabyDoge price history
BayDoge price history – Credit:

While past performance is no indicator of future results, knowing what has happened can help give us context when it comes to looking at a Baby Doge coin price prediction.

BabyDoge launched in the summer of 2021, and on 13 June, it was worth $0.000000000176. That incredibly small figure, not even 200 billionths of a cent, soon rose 44-fold, so that on 4 July, the coin was worth $0.000000007695, an all-time high. There was then a drop in value followed by a rebound and, as of close of play on 17 September, BabyDoge was worth $0.00000000075.

It was then time for a bit of a bull run, culminating in a periodic high of $0.000000005006 on 30 October. The bears then took over, with a periodic low of $0.000000001314 on 14 December. However, the token bounced back and closed the year at $0.000000001908.

While the start of 2022 was a tough time for many cryptos, BabyDoge defied the critics and continued to grow, hitting a high of $0.000000006356 on 16 January, a rise of more than 230% over the course of the year. There was still some settling down to do, though, and as of 19 January 2022 the coin was trading at around $0.0000000057.

At the same time, it had a market cap of around $1.5bn, making it the 2,843rd biggest cryptocurrency by that metric, and there were a self-reported 268.384 quadrillion BabyDoge in circulation, out of a total supply of 420 quadrillion.

BabyDoge coin price forecast

Before we start looking at analysts’ predictions, do bear in mind that crypto forecasts, especially long-term ones, are often wrong. You should also note that crypto predictions are often made using an algorithm, which can change at a moment’s notice. 

DigitalCoinPrice says that BabyDoge will reach somewhere around $0.00000000829 in 2022, rising to $0.00000000938 in 2023 and (dropping a zero) $0.00000001017 in 2024. The site’s Baby Doge coin price prediction for 2025 sees it rise to $0.00000001244 before falling to $0.00000001146 in 2026.

The year after that, though, the coin’s price will go up to $0.00000001588, the site says, and in 2028 the token should be worth $0.00000002061, while in 2029 it will stand at $0.00000002493.

Telegaon is a bit more optimistic. The site says BabyDoge will stand at an average of $0.0000000078 in 2022, before going up to somewhere around $0.000000031 in 2023. It expects 2024 to see a rise to an average of $0.00000074, while in 2025, the site says, the coin should reach $0.0000017.

In 2026 it should get to $0.0000042, Telegaon reckons, the following year it should be trading at around $0.0000076, and 12 months after that we are looking at a forecast of an average of $0.000014. The token should close the decade at around $0.000072, while the site’s Baby Doge coin price prediction for 2030 is an average of $0.00023. has a Baby Doge coin price prediction for 2022 which says that it will stand at around $0.00000001 this year. The site’s BabyDoge price prediction says there will be growth, but at a relatively slow rate, with the coin staying at pretty much the same price in 2023. There will be a rise in 2024, when it hits $0.00000002, thinks, but it will plateau and be worth roughly the same in 2025.

If the site’s forecasts are correct, then it will be in the second half of the decade that we will see notable growth. The prediction for 2026 sees it rise to $0.00000003, while in 2027 it should get to an average of $0.00000005 before reaching $0.00000007 the following year. In 2029, it will climb to an average of $0.00000011, the site says, dropping a zero in the process, and it should start the next decade at $0.00000016 before reaching $0.00000023 in 2031.

Finally, WalletInvestor is somewhat bullish about the future of BabyDoge, suggesting it can reach $0.000000009 in 2023 and $0.00000002 in 2027.

Final thoughts

BabyDoge operates in incredibly small amounts. While this means it will not have to be worth that much to see its investors rewarded, the microscopic value of a single BabyDoge coin might lead to potential investors being put off.

Secondly, there are plenty of other dogcoins out there. If DOGE was the originator and SHIB the first successor, this would make BabyDoge one of the third generation of dogcoins.

Also, we do not know the names of the people behind the crypto, which may be a concern for some. There is also the matter of whether the launch of products such as payment cards may, ultimately, be a bit too much, too soon for the token.


As of 19 January 2022, there were a self-reported 270 quadrillion (one quadrillion = one million billion) BabyDoge in circulation, out of a total supply of 420 quadrillion.

Potentially. The coin is showing signs of growth, even if the dogcoin market is somewhat crowded.

As ever, you will need to do your own research, remember prices can go down as well as up, and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

It could do. There is a little way to go before it matches its early heights, but the movement of travel has largely been upwards and the forecasts are positive.

Nevertheless, prices can go down as well as up, so make sure you do your own research before investing.

This is a question that only you can answer. Before you do so, though, you will need to do your own research, remember prices can go down as well as up, and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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