Iota price prediction: Will iota go up?

Author: Peter Henn

With more people taking an interest, what will the iota price prediction look like?

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Iota is the crypto coin that aims to exist without the support of a blockchain – Photo: Shutterstock

Iota is the crypto coin that aims to exist without the support of a blockchain. The currency has a decent following but what will happen to it in the future? Let’s take a look at a few iota price forecasts.

One important thing to note before we get going is that, while the coin is known as iota, technically speaking the crypto is bought and sold in mega iotas, or MIOTAs. These are worth 1,000 iota but, since the term iota is in common usage in the crypto world to refer to the MIOTA, then we shall be using the term iota throughout to refer to the value of the MIOTA.

Iota price history: boom, bust and boom again. 

While past performance is never an indicator of future results, past performance is still worth looking at to understand how the crypto has behaved in the past and how it might respond to future events when making an iota coin price prediction.

Iota started trading on the open market in the middle of 2017. On 15 June that year, a MIOTA was worth $0.3637. The coin’s price carried on trading in the middle of the sub-$1 range until the end of the year. Late 2017 and early 2018 was a boom time for crypto, with many coins going on a notable bull run. Iota was one of the cryptocurrencies caught up in the excitement and, on 19 December that year it was worth $5.69, a record price that stands to this day.  

That crypto boom was followed by a crypto bust, though, and by the end of July 2018, iota was back down to below $1, which is where it stayed for the next couple of years. When 2020 finished, the coin was worth $0.2923. 

While the early months of 2021 were another bull market period for the cryptocurrency market, at first iota was making good progress, rather than the explosions that marked the time for many cryptos. The coin reached a monthly high of $0.5042 on 19 January before moving back down to close at $0.4071. While this was a rise of just under 40%, the price was yet to explode and iota was still way below the psychologically important $1 mark.

This all changed on 11 February, however, when the coin hit an intraday high of $1.31. This was the first time it had stood above that mark for two and a half years and, best of all for investors, the run was sustained, with the monthly high of $1.58 intraday on 19 February. There was some retreat but the closing mark for the month was higher than $1 at $1.12, which represented a rise of a rather spectacular 175%.

March saw the consistency of activity above $1 continue. The monthly high of $1.78 came on 23 March but, perhaps more importantly, there was no point where the coin fell below $1. The low of $1.02 came on the first day of the month and the closing figure of $1.58 represented a monthly upward movement of 41%.

Iota breached the $2 barrier when it hit an intraday high of $2.11 on 10 April, and the rest of the month was equally encouraging. There was a monthly high of $2.68 on 16 April and, while there was a dip below $2 between 22 April and 26 April, a recovery meant iota closed the month at $2.15, a rise of 36%.

price history

Date Close Change Chg% Open Min. Max.

Iota price history: fall and rise

While 2021 had, so far, been overall very encouraging for iota investors and enthusiasts, May saw things fall apart. A monthly high of $2.39 on 7 May was comparatively positive, but the price was soon on a downward spiral and by 19 May it was below $2. This problem was exacerbated by the Great Crypto Day Crash on that date, which saw iota collapse to an intraday low of $0.8393, followed by a recovery of sorts to close the day at $1.14. Things got worse, though, and the coin closed May at $1.12, down nearly 50% on a monthly basis. 

June and July were both fairly weak months for iota. It closed the first month down a little over 22% at $0.866 and in July it finished off at $0.9341, up just under 9%, but still far less than what it had been before the crash. 

An intraday high of $1.09 on 11 August was a sign of recovery, but a monthly high on 16 August of $1.22 an ultimately false dawn before it closed the month back below $1 at $0.9913, a rise of just over 6%, but still below the dollar. September was better, with the coin breaking through $2 briefly on 4 September to reach an intraday of $2.08. The price then fell down somewhat, but stayed above $1 to end the month at $1.15, up 16% from the previous month’s close.

October saw the price of iota stay above $1. The monthly high was on 11 October at $1.61 and the closing price of $1.48 was not just up just under 23%, it was the best closing price for a month since April. November had seen consistency, and on 24 November the coin was trading in the region of $1.50. However, by 7 December, the coin was valued at just under $1.20. 

By the end of the fourth quarter, iota managed to implement virtual votes through the Tangle on the IOTA 2.0 DevNet, known as On Tangle Voting (OTV) Consensus; and release a newer version of IOTA 2.0. Covering numerous goals over 2022 regarding IOTA 2.0, smart contracts and Crysalis, let's see what it makes for the price prediction.

As of 12 January, the coin is valued at $1.18, trading up at 5.8%.

IOTA price prediction

Let’s take a look at the forecasts. One thing to note is that predictions are very often wrong and, when it comes to longer term crypto forecasts, they are very often done through an algorithm which can change.

The iota coin price prediction for 2022 from Digitalcoin suggests highs of $1.74 in August of this year. For 2023, the site says that it will reach the $2 mark around September. The site’s iota price prediction for 2025 is that it could well reach highs $2.82 at some point that year, but remains cautious as these results require vital milestones to be met by the coin. 

NewsBitcoin247 says that iota should reach a high of $6.74 in 2023, while two years on from that it should get to $8 by the close of the year. The site’s iota price prediction for 2030 is that it could get as high as $15.30 that year.

Finally, has an iota price prediction for 2022 that says it should hit the $1.50 mark around September this year. By March the coin should be between $1.40 and $1.50, and staying around that value into June. Some decrease is expected over July, returning to the $1.50 mark in September. The coin is expected to close 2022 at $1.43.


It might be. Iota has performed cumulatively well over the past 12 months. That said, you need to be cautious. Cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and prices can definitely go down as well as up. You will need to do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

The market has been somewhat bullish as of late, and iota has risen. But cryptocurrencies can be highly volatile and prices can go down as well as up. You will need to do your own research and never invest more than you can afford to lose.

If you want to buy iota, you can do it at a range of exchanges, including Remember to do your own research, however, and never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

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