¿seguridad? no hay duda

At Dzengi.com, we’ve built the Fort Knox of cryptocurrency to guarantee the safety of your holdings. It’s our priority.

Authorised and regulated by the High Technologies Park of Belarus

Dzengi.com is directly authorised and regulated by the Hi-Tech Park (HTP) of Belarus. This means that we’re subject to the strictest scrutiny from the world’s only jurisdiction with overall legal regulation of businesses based on blockchain technology. It also means that your rights – as an ICO participant – are protected by the highest laws in the land.

The best user account security. Period.

Only you, and you alone, should be able to access your account. That’s why we use the best two-factor authentication in all aspects of our platform, including login, funding, trading and actions that are performed using API keys. You can also enable a separate 2FA channel (a Master Key) in the unlikely event that you lose access to your account. That’s not all: we use PGP/GPG for email encryption and verification, a discrete system for secure document upload and verification and the highest level of global encryption that prevents tampering with any aspect of your information and holdings.

The Fort Knox of data

What better way to ensure the security of your data than to lock it behind both literal and technological bars? Our servers do their work in a locked private cage in one of the world’s best professional data centres, protected by armed guards, video surveillance and even retina eye scans. We encrypt your data wherever possible – replicated in real time and backed up securely on a daily basis. Our staff, too, are highly vetted, and every decision concerning even remotely sensitive data passes through a strict approval protocol.

Coin storage you can rely on

When you make a deposit with Dzengi.com, your coins go directly into a cold wallet that is air-gap isolated from the outside world. That’s where the vast majority of coins remain. We store a limited number of coins in semi-cold wallets on protected machines with encrypted and locked drives. The only coins that are stored in hot wallets are those we use to maintain operational liquidity. Above all, each and every wallet is encrypted to the highest degree.

Your money

Dzengi.com will always maintain full reserves, meaning a bank run will never occur. Your funds are stored in a bank account entirely separate from our operations account and cannot be borrowed or lent – even for margin trading – to fund operations on our platform.

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