Mercado de adquirientes

Information required for making payments using merchant acquiring

1. "Dzengi" CJSC accepts funds from users using bank payment cards issued in accordance with the rules of the Visa and Mastercard international payment systems. You can also pay via mobile payment services Apple Pay, Samsung Pay.


2. Information on the characteristics of digital signs (tokens) (hereinafter - tokens) created and implemented by "Dzengi" CJSC can be found in the White Paper declaration. Information about cryptocurrency tokens that were not created by "Dzengi" CJSC is discovered by clients on their own using existing sources. Information about the services provided by "Dzengi" CJSC is provided here

3. All transactions for the acquisition and disposal of tokens are made and executed in real time in electronic form using the Internet on the basis of applications for the acquisition or alienation of tokens sent by customers to the cryptoplatform (trading platform)


Other procedures for ordering, in addition to the direction of the specified applications, described in (here is a link to the Terms, White Paper, general conditions for the alienation of tokens) are not provided. Procedures for the return of payment for goods, works (services) are not installed. Prices for tokens are placed in a cryptoplatform (trading platform) "" .

In case of errors occur during payment, you can contact [email protected].

4. We recommend Users of the Website to save payment confirmations received through the Website.

5. The remuneration of "Dzengi" CJSC, as well as commissions and fees charged by third parties can be found in the section Commissions and Fees.

6. Transfer of tokens (title of ownership) to Users is carried out in accordance with the Terms of Use of the cryptoplatform (trading platform) and website.

7. We draw your attention to the following:

• All data that We receive from you is stored and used in accordance with the Privacy Policy

• Payment on the Website is made through a hardware and software complex of companies that are operators (executors) of payment services;

You enter your bank cards details in a special form within our Website. We use a PCI DSS certified environment to send that data to our operators (executors) of payment services which guarantees safe information transfer;

• When paying with a bank payment card, you will be redirected to the authorization pages for the subsequent entry of the details of your bank payment card;

• access to authorization pages is carried out using SSL protocol.

8. Description of the payment transaction procedure:

8.1. The Holder of a bank payment card goes to the Web site and forms a payment order for tokens, confirms the terms of the order (name of tokens, choice of means of payment, amount of payment) and selects a bank payment card as a means of payment.

8.2. The performance of payments for tokens using bank payment cards in the Internet is carried out using 3DSecure technologies.  If the card supports 3DSecure technology or Internet password for BELKART cardholders, you will be redirected to the page of the bank that issued the card to enter the security code. When paying with Apple Pay, choose a card from the Wallet app, use a passcode or other authentication method, depending on which method is selected in the Wallet app. When ordering with Samsung Pay, tap "Pay with Samsung Pay", enter your Samsung Account, and confirm the purchase on your smartphone (fingerprint, iris, or Samsung Pay PIN).

8.3. The website processes the order and creates a request in the electronic payment system for registering Your order. In the Website request, the info about an order is transmitted - an order description, an amount, return addresses to which the Holder of a bank payment card should be returned in case of a successful and unsuccessful payment, etc. In case of successful order registration, the electronic payment system returns a unique order number on the Website.

8.4. The Website redirects the Holder of a bank payment card to the payment page of the electronic payment system, which displays the payment parameters, it is also proposed to enter the bank payment card details. The Holder of a bank payment card selects the type of card with which it will pay and enters information about the parameters of its bank payment card:

• type of bank payment card;

• bank payment card number;

• the expiration date of the bank payment card;

• name and surname, as indicated on the bank payment card;

• CVC2 or CVV2 numbers;

• confirms the payment of the order by entering a special password.

8.5. The payment service operator verifies the correctness of the format of the entered parameters of the bank payment card and performs additional procedures for authenticating the Holder of a bank payment card in accordance with international standards (3DSecure) and sends a request for authorizing the operation to the bank.

8.6. The Bank checks the right of the Website to conduct a transaction in accordance with the registration and authorizes transactions in accordance with the procedure established by the relevant international payment systems.

8.7. When a negative authorization result is received, the Bank sends a refusal notification to the electronic payment system, which, in turn, sends this information to the Website and to the Holder of a bank payment card, indicating the reasons for the refusal.

8.8. Upon receipt of a positive authorization result, the Bank sends to the electronic payment system a confirmation of a positive result of authorization of the transaction. The electronic payment system simultaneously sends confirmation of a positive result of the authorization of the transaction to the Website and to the Holder of a bank payment card.

8.9. After receiving confirmation of a positive result of authorization, the Website charges tokens to the Holder of a bank payment card.

9. Visiting the Website and / or purchasing goods (work, services) by the cardholder of a bank payment card may be considered illegal in the country of cardholders citizenship. For such actions, the cardholder of a bank payment card may be liable in the manner and in cases, provided by the legislation of the relevant country. We recommend you to save the documents located by the link.