Depósitos y retiros

Key deposit and withdrawal information


We aim to process all withdrawal requests on the same day. However, it can sometimes take up to 3 business days to process a withdrawal. As we work more closely with banking providers, we expect that the processing time will get shorter.

Deposits via bank transfer remain commission-free. It may take several days to appear on your account due to banking system delays. Please send confirmation of your transfer to [email protected] in the event that your account balance fails to update after 2 working days.

Minimum crypto deposit

The minimum crypto deposit amount is 0.001 BTC, 0.03 ETH, 0.1 LTC. If the amount is less than specified, the funds will not appear on your balance. The funds will appear on your balance once the deposited amount exceeds the specified minimum.

Payment reference

The text to be used in the payment request reference field is as follows:


All transfers must be performed using your own bank account, and not that of a third-party.

How to solve depositing issues

If you are having difficulty depositing funds by card, please consider the following solutions:

  1. Make sure that your card supports online payments
    Some debit and credit cards block online payments by default. Please check with your bank or credit card provider that they have authorised online payments for your account.
  2. Make sure that your one-time password is correct
    If your bank or credit card provider uses 3D technology to verify your payment, please make sure that you have entered the code or password correctly. If it has expired, please make sure that you are entering the most recent code sent. If you have any further questions with this process please contact your bank or credit card provider directly.
  3. Try to deposit funds to your trading account again
    Please check that the you have entered the card details correctly, especially if this is your first time using this card with us. If not, make sure to double check the CVV (the three digit number usually on the back of your card).
  4. Check your account balance
    Check your account balance to make sure you have sufficient funds to deposit your desired amount.
  5. Check if there are any restrictions on your account
    Your credit card or bank account may have certain restrictions. Please check that you have not exceeded your spending limit for the day, or that your desired transaction does not exceed your single transaction limit. If your card does have spending restrictions, consider contacting your bank or credit card provider to change your limits.
  6. Contact support using the phone number on the back of your credit card
    Tell your support manager that you wanted to deposit funds in your trading account at, but the payment was declined. Name the date and amount of the declined payment. The support manager will tell you the exact reason for rejecting the transaction and will help solve the problem.
  7. Try to pay with another card
    Occasionally banks will have system or connectivity issues. Often these problems can be resolved quickly, and your payment will go through within the hour. However, if this is not the case, please try a different payment method.
  8. Choose other payment methods
    The following blockchains are available for cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum (ETH, Tether USDT and ERC20 tokenised assets). In addition to bank and credit cards, you can deposit funds into your trading account using Wire Transfer.

Do not try to deposit funds to your trading account more than twice per 10 minutes. Your card can be blocked from further deposit attempts. This is made to protect your card details against a guessing hack.

Crypto payments

Each crypto deposit and withdrawal requires a number of confirmations in order to be verified: BTC requires 2 confirmations and ETH requires 12 confirmations. The number of confirmations required can be higher if the value of the deposit is higher.

I have sent Bitcoin to my account, but it hasn’t gone through
Due to the nature of cryptocurrencies, the money will leave your account instantly, but will only arrive once the transaction has received sufficient confirmations.

Displayed below are the typical number of necessary confirmations, and relevant blockchain explorer for accepted cryptocurrencies. If the transaction has not gone through please check the relevant explorer to see how many confirmations you have received.

If a transaction has not been completed in the typical time period, check the reasons below to see if they apply.

  1. Your transaction fee was too low. This often occurs if you are sending a small amount, as the transaction fees will often be set as a percentage of what you send.
  2. You have mistakenly sent the same coins twice. This transaction will never be confirmed.
  3. Coins are not confirmed yet. The coins you are sending have not yet arrived in the wallet you are sending them from, and so they will only be sent once they are confirmed.
  4. The network is experiencing a high volume, and so you will need a higher transaction fee to send it in the usual time period.