API Changelog



REST API and WebSocket API

The second version (v2) of the REST and WS API was added with a complete list of the leverage instruments available there, please note that for the demo accounts only the first version (v1) is available; added the /tradingPositionsHistory endpoint which provides an opportunity to view the historic trades info per symbol.

REST API and WebSocket API

Added an opportunity to use the demo account with the first version (v1) of the REST and WS API; added the showZeroBalance parameter for the /account endpoint in order clients could turn on or off the zero balances depiction in the response.

REST API and WebSocket API

Added an opportunity to view data on the Heiken-Ashi type of the bars in the /klines endpoint, REST API and OHLCMarketData.subscribe stream, WS API.

REST API and WebSocket API

Fixed error message texts when setting the wrong stopLoss or takeProfit values, updated request limits for openOrders endpoint which is now equal to 5 requests per second instead of 10, fixed accountId parameter values wrong representation; fixed an issue with the concurrent WebSocket requests.

REST API and WebSocket API

Changed the HTTP codes logic and representing them in the right way, unification of error messages between Rest and Websocket APIs, /updateTradingOrder endpoint fix, got rid off unnecessary parameters in /myTrades, /aggTrades, /order and /updateTradingOrder endpoints, fixed an inability to set expireTimestamp parameter for exchange limit orders.

REST API and WebSocket API

50 tokenised assets and cryptocurrency market pairs were added and became available for trading in the leverage mode within our API.

REST API and WebSocket API

A new STOP order type was added. It is available within the ‘leverage’ trading mode; added an opportunity to use ‘leverage’ trading mode with BTC/USD; ETH/USD; Crude Oil (; Brent Oil (; S&P 500 (; LTC/USD; Gold (; EUR/USD; Tesla (; XRP/USD market pairs.

General Public API

startTime and endTime parameters from /aggTrades endpoint were removed for all types of market data API; /candles endpoint was implemented for only crypto market data API.


SIGNED Endpoint Examples for POST /api/v1/order were changed in accordance to the ERL encoding requirements; responses descriptions were added in the GET/api/v1/klines and GET/api/v1/aggTrades parts of the API documentation.

Getting help

Feel free to contact us with any questions or feedback.